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AIC undertakes surface treatment as part of its integrated service fully performed in-house.
Our global capacity of galvanizing, painting, & fireproofing is 400,000 MT per year.

Painting & Fireproofing

In AIC we perform surface preparation through sweep blasting for fabrication and galvanizing by automated machines and grit blasting manually as per Sa 2 ½ and Sa 3.0in preparation for painting. Blasting & painting take place in fully sealed booths and semi closed area to achieve highest quality and ensure environmental friendly process.
In addition to normal painting, our experienced team is fully capable of executing intumescent & cementitious fireproofing coating whether in shop or at site.


This environmentally-friendly industrial process of coating steel, as a means to prevent corrosion, is carried out in our four in-house galvanizing baths within our AIC KSA plants . All of our galvanizing processes are in accordance to international standards such as ASTM A123, BS729, and ISO 1460. The sizes of our galvanizing baths are 12.5m x 1.5m x 2.5m with a global capacity of 17,000 MT a month of galvanized steel.